Amazing Albany

5 Aug 2016 2:16 PM - Fleggletaub

Staying at Hanover Bay for a night or a week, why not take a look at some of the amazing places, sites, events and tastes Albany has to offer:


Produce so fresh you can count the minutes since it was harvested, devotion to sustainable agricultural methods, commitment to time-honoured cooking techniques passed down through generations and a strictly seasonal approach to dining room menus.


Explore the real south, where the mountains touch the sea and the ocean touches the land.


Explore majestic buildings, shipwrecks, convict relics, Anzac memorials, museums, ports and evidence of the city’s whaling and agricultural industries.


Experience the legend that shaped a nation at the National Anzac Centre – Australia’s foremost museum honouring the Anzacs


Albany’s natural topography makes it a great place for bike riding, paragliding, hiking, horse-riding, surfing and more!

Amazing Albany a truly amazing place to stay.