Albany in Winter "Yes"

7 Jun 2016 9:47 AM - Fleggletaub

“It is always cold and raining in Albany” ... so sang our grandmothers over & over again, until it became the myth that is still echoed today.

During winter, Albany’s temperature is similar to Perth. And as well as some rain (many times at night for some reason) there are also some incredibly blue-sky days.

So what does Albany offer in winter?

  • Pure fresh air that started its life in the Antarctic. It feels great!
  • Clarity of light – great if you are an artist or photographer
  • Whale watching
  • Fishing
  • Cafes, restaurants & wineries – some with large open fires to welcome you to a restful afternoon.

Albany in winter invites you to slow down and relish the many interesting sites found in this  “Paris of the South”. More than that, it assures you of an experience in holiday making that brings you back time & time again to enjoy yourself.